Three weeks of chaos is over!

Why Cincy Realtors were freaking out?


Dear friends and clients,

It’s Peter from the Chabris Group in Cincinnati.

In a recent turn of events, our real estate world encountered unexpected turbulence. On August 8, a ransomware attack targeted our MLS, specifically through Rapattoni, the provider for our MLS software. This incident led to a complete shutdown of the MLS.

Consequences were swift. Realtors couldn’t input or locate listings, leaving both agents and potential buyers in a bind. Appraisers faced hurdles, unable to assess property values accurately without MLS data. The situation was challenging.

However, the crisis was met with resilience. Realtors adapted by manually entering listings and utilizing interim solutions. Notably, the Cincinnati Realtor Alliance and the Cincinnati MLS had foreseen the need for change and were already exploring alternatives 18 months prior. They expedited the launch of Perchwell, a new MLS system, by about two weeks.

As we transition to Perchwell, there’s an adjustment period. Data migration and learning curves are underway, but the new system promises enhanced capabilities.

This disruption sheds light on the adaptability and problem-solving prowess of real estate professionals. Stay tuned for more updates as we navigate these changes.

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Peter Chabris

Licensed in 2002, Peter launched The Chabris Group in 2007, which has earned the title of Cincinnati’s #1 real estate sales team since 2013. The team serves several hundred families every year and is recognized as the top sales team in Keller Williams’ Ohio Valley Region.