What’s the difference between condominiums & landominiums?

The best way to differentiate is in terms of walls and land.


Condominiums vs. Landominiums: What’s the Difference?

1. Understanding the Basics

When differentiating between condominiums and landominiums, think of it in terms of walls and land.

Condominiums: In a condominium, you’ll often have shared walls with neighbors. Residents collectively own the land and shared spaces. This structure requires a clear understanding of responsibilities, especially concerning issues like plumbing.

Landominiums: Landominiums provide individuality. You own both the house and the land it sits on. Unlike condos, there’s no shared wall or confusion about the ownership of fixtures.

2. Maintenance Responsibilities

Maintenance in Condominiums: Condo homeowners associations usually handle significant maintenance tasks. This includes dealing with roofing issues, exterior paint, and maintaining common areas.

Maintenance in Landominiums: Owning a landominium means taking full responsibility for both the interior and exterior. However, the homeowners association might oversee shared facilities, like pools or clubhouses.

3. Cost Implications

Condominiums: Condos might have higher association dues because the association handles extensive maintenance and is saving for large-scale repairs or replacements.

Landominiums: While landominiums might have lower dues, homeowners might need to set aside more for personal home repairs, especially if the property is older. Newer landominium communities might offer a balance between personal responsibility and community upkeep.


The decision between a condo and a landominium will depend on your preference for community living versus independent ownership. If you have any further questions or are contemplating your next property investment, feel free to get in touch. We’re here to assist you in making the best homeownership decision.

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