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Dear clients and friends,

Today, I’m excited to delve into a topic that’s gaining traction among savvy investors: Should you add short-term rental properties to your wealth-building strategy for 2024? There are three critical criteria to consider when evaluating this investment opportunity.

1. Financial Considerations: The allure of short-term rentals lies in their potential to generate significantly higher rental income annually compared to traditional long-term rentals. However, this income can be more seasonal and variable, introducing a degree of volatility. In the current real estate market, where property prices are high and interest rates are climbing, short-term rentals emerge as an attractive option for maximizing income. But remember, this is only one part of the financial equation.

2. Management Requirements: Managing a short-term rental demands more effort. You can choose to self-manage, handling tasks like cleaning, restocking, and leasing, or you can opt for a property management company. While property managers for long-term rentals typically charge 8-10% of rental income, short-term rental management can cost upwards of 20% due to the increased workload. If you’re comfortable with active management, you can boost profitability. However, be prepared for higher management costs if you prefer to outsource.

3. Stability and Risks: Short-term rentals, being a relatively new addition to the real estate investment portfolio, come with their own set of uncertainties. Changes in taxes, zoning, and regulations are potential risks. Municipalities are still figuring out the optimal approach to handling short-term rentals, which could affect their long-term stability. It’s crucial to consider whether your investment can at least break even if regulatory changes force a shift to long-term rentals.

In summary, the decision to include short-term rentals in your 2024 wealth-building strategy hinges on balancing higher potential income and management demands against the associated risks. It’s a question of whether you prefer a higher reward with increased involvement and risk, or a more traditional, stable investment approach.

As always, I’m here to guide you through these decisions and provide the expert advice you need. Feel free to reach out with any questions or for further discussion on how short-term rentals could fit into your investment portfolio in 2024!

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