My Equity My Way

Committed To Your Success

The real estate industry is changing, and homeowners have more options to sell their home. With cash / fast closing offers from companies such as Zillow, it's tempting to take a quick sale for fast cash and circumvent the traditional sales process! We understand this, which is why we offer the Instant Offer program.


Unfortunately, not all cash / fast closing offers have your best interests in mind. With the My Equity My Way program, we will solicit several cash / fast closing offers and present them to you, along with a potential traditional market sale price. Then YOU decide which program works best for your equity. We can even guarantee your home will sell if you choose the traditional market process.


Not only do you have a Chabris Group agent as an advocate for your, the fee you pay for your agent varies based on the sales method you choose!

*Conditions and availability apply for each program. Consult with your agent for details.