Giving Back

Connecting With Communities

At The Chabris Group, our mission is to provide 5-Star experiences to our clients. We have another mission - to give back to the communities we serve. Cincinnati has been so good to us over the years and we believe that truly serving our clients means serving the city they live in. That’s why we started TCG Cares, a charitable foundation whose motto is “We Give Where We Live,” and with every home sale we’re involved in, we donate money to our foundation.


What we do

TCG Cares works with disadvantaged homeowners that do not have the financial resources to maintain their homes. We partner with People Working Cooperatively to correct safety issues, repairs and deferred maintenance on their homes. And then our team rolls up its sleeves and gets to work improving the home’s exterior: landscaping, garbage removal, scraping, prepping and painting, you name it! Whatever it takes to improve the home’s curb appeal, foster a pride of ownership with the homeowner, and improve the neighborhood’s desirability and home values.

How To Help

Would you like to join us on our next project? We serve the community at least once a quarter and would love for you to join us! Let your agent know you’re interested in assisting. Or if you would like to support our mission financially, you can donate funds here; 100% of the money is used to improving the lives and real estate of local disadvantaged homeowners!